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P7100 Projectile Guide Insert 912 311 119
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides P7100 Projectile Guide Insert 912 311 119, wholesale of P7100 shuttle shed 912 311 119 mixed weft textile parts, with the guide shed referred to as the shed, which belongs to Sulzer gripper parts.P7100 Projectile Guide Insert, The parameters of the P7 mixed weft overall shed: the total length is 42.6mm, the bottom width is 39.4mm, the total thickness is 23.8mm, the lower length of the narrow surface is 26.8mm, the width is 18mm, and the diameters of the two circular holes are 8.8mm and 11mm, respectively.

Shuttle guide Insert_P7100 Projectile Guide Insert_Wholesale of textile accessories

The above picture shows the P7100 mixed weft shed (overall design, part number 912 311 119), with an inner width of 7mm at the notch, an inner diameter of 8mm at the upper circular hole, and an inner diameter of 11mm at the lower slope hole. The English name of the D1 piece hook accessory -912-31.119 mixed weft shed is "Projectile Guide Insert".

Textile machinery and equipment shed_D1 type guide hook mouth_P7100 guide hook mouth

The lower part of the shuttle slot of the Sulzer mixed weft shed is relatively narrow, with an inner width of 11mm. The mixed weft guide shed generally uses composite components, and the processing technology is relatively simple. The overall guide shed has relatively strict technical requirements. The monochrome and mixed weft shuttles vary depending on the model of the shuttle machine, while the PU model is a monochrome model.

Shuttle machine accessories_P7100 Guide Insert_Textile mixed weft guide shed

The above picture is a side view of the P7100 mixed weft shed. The main thickness of the bottom surface is 8mm (see the above picture), and the weight of a single mixed weft shed is 120g. The minimum order quantity is 5 pieces, and the packaging method is shown in the following figure:

Projectile loom accessories D1 shed_Shuttle Loom Accessories_ P7100 overall Guide Insert

If various shuttle production enterprises and shuttle weaving factories need to purchase D1 guide shuttles, P7100 Guide Insert, overall mixed weft shuttles, Sulzer textile accessories, and Sulzer shuttle accessories, please contact Mr. Yang from our company's sales department.

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