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2405B Lower Side Panel 1515 960 Side Lever
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides 2405B lower side panel, 1515 weaving machine, 960 side panel laminated wooden parts,960 Side Lever. The side panel used by the A-type 1515 weaving machine is 2405B, with a total length of 960mm, a width of 76mm, and a thickness of 22mm. The material is made of elm laminated processing, and the production process is the same as plywood. After completion, it is high-temperature pressed and shaped. The number of 2405B side panels used for each A-type 1515 weaving machine is 1, The corner cap uses F119 and F120 with both eyes.

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From the side of the lower side panel (2405B), it can be seen that the number of layers of adhesive pressing (as shown in the above figure), the finer the grain, the higher the density, and the quality is affected by the wood material itself and the manufacturing process. A buffer belt and a three wheel buffer mechanism are installed on the single eye side.Side Panel,Side Lever,Lower Side Panel,Textile Wood Part.

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Common side panels include Q12 (with a length of 802mm, suitable for weaving machines of 1511 and 1515 models, 2 pieces/unit), 3302 (with a length of 874mm, suitable for GA615 shuttle looms, 2 pieces/unit), 2415 (with a length of 882mm, suitable for weaving machines of A type 1515, 1 piece), and 2405B (with a length of 960mm, suitable for wide width A type 1515 looms, with 1 piece used per machine). Their widths are the same, but the length and hole position vary.

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Textile Wood Parts - The packaging of the weaving machine side panels is woven bags, with 5 pieces per bundle and 10 pieces per bag. If you need to purchase products such as shuttle weaving machine side panels, old fabric machine lower side panels, 1515 side panels, laminated wood, weaving machine accessories, etc., please contact Mr. Yang of our company to discuss cooperation matters!

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