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Projectile Lifting Box Assembly 911325166
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides P7100 projectile loom accessories, lifting box component 911325166, and the lower slide plates used in P7100 D1 Gripper shuttle machines (911 325 166 and 911 325 164) are distinguished based on machine numbers. The lower slide plates used in 99904-120384 are 911 325 166, while the lower slide plates used in the lifting box after 120385 are 911 325 164, which are basically the same in appearance and have undergone changes in notch positions. Sulzer Projectile Machine Accessories - The total length of the lower slide plate 911 325 166 is 154mm, the total width is 36mm, and the total thickness is 27.3mm. The diameter of the middle two large holes is 12mm, and the diameter of the right screw hole is 5.4mm (M6).

Lower slide plate of the lifting box of the shuttle machine_Textile machinery accessories_P7100 Sulzer accessories

The inner width of the notch is 7mm, the depth of the groove is 5.2mm, the length of the right protrusion is 34.8mm, the length of the left protrusion is 27mm (wall thickness 4mm), and the middle length is 92mm. The part numbers of P7100 D2 are 911 325 137 and 911 325 138, while the part numbers of PU model are 911 825 038 and 911 325 131. In addition, there are also 911 325 141. From this, it can be seen that there are various specifications in the lifting box assembly, which are determined based on the model.

Textile machine accessories_Projectile Shuttle lifting box lower slide plate_P7100 Gripper loom parts

The above image shows the front and back of the skateboard (taken from a domestic product), with a sliding groove at the bottom. The minimum order quantity for skateboards is 2, with a delivery time of approximately 25-30 days. The weight of a single skateboard is approximately 465 grams. Please contact our company for other detailed parameters.

Textile machinery accessories_P7100 shuttle slide plate_D1 lower skateboard parts

The above picture is a side view of the skateboard. If textile companies need to purchase accessories for Sulzer gripper looms, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation. We are dedicated to providing services to new and old customers both at home and abroad.

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