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1511 Loom Breaking Stop Change Lever O29
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 1511 loom accessories_ Breaking stop change lever O29_ Textile flat iron is commonly used in 1511-44 inch loom equipment. The material of the warp break stop change rod O29 is A3 cold drawn material. After extrusion, the total length of the rod body is 35.5cm, the width is 12mm, and the thickness is 6mm. Its surface has three round holes (diameter 6.5mm), the middle hole is connected with O8 fork angle pivot, which is fixed on the combined rod O7, and the hole close to it is connected with O26 angle cap connecting rod core and O00-4 angle cap connecting rod, The other end hole is connected with the O25 connecting rod screw core and the O00-2 stop rod connecting rod.

Loom accessories change lever O29_ Flat iron of textile machine_ Broken warp stop link

Check the loom combination lever kit. When you pull the change lever O29 by hand, it should rotate flexibly. The elasticity of spring O42 is suitable for keeping the warp break stop lever O21 from jumping up and down when the loom is in normal operation. When the loom is running at high speed, it is necessary to appropriately increase the elasticity to avoid empty shutdown.

1511 textile accessories_ O29 shift lever_ Menstrual break accessories

The function of warp stop device is to stop the loom immediately after the warp ends are broken, so as to reduce the weaving defects such as jumping, cobwebs and broken warp caused by warp breaks, and create favorable conditions for reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the output and quality of fabrics. Regular maintenance shall be carried out during the operation of the warp break device, and comprehensive maintenance and correction must be carried out during the flat car.

1511 loom accessories warp break stop change lever O29

The center distance between the round hole at both ends of the loom change rod O29 and the middle round hole is 95.5mm and 240mm respectively. The weight of a single O29 is about 0.16kg, and there are 20 pieces in each bundle, regardless of left hand and right hand. The number of pieces used in each 1511 loom is 1.

1511 loom accessories O29 warp break stop change lever

If you need to purchase 1511 loom accessories from canvas factories, cotton mills and ethnic textile workshops in various cities_ Breaking stop change lever O29_ For textile flat iron products, please consult Mr. Yang of our company to understand more parameters of textile change rods, loom accessories and textile flat iron. We will provide you with services wholeheartedly.

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