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1515 Shuttle Loom Lower Lifting Hook S014
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. supplies 1515 and GA615 looms with hanging heald hooks S014, which are hardware accessories for hanging heald frames and pipes. The material of the S014 hanging heald hook is A3 (steel 20), the inner length of the hanging heald hook S014 is 146mm, the thickness of the flat hook is 2.7-3mm, and the width is 20mm. S014 hanging heald hooks are installed below the heald frames of the weaving machine, and the quantity used for each weaving machine is 8. The number of columns commonly used in heald frames is generally 2 or 4 pages, and the specific number should be appropriately increased based on the number of heald frames used.

Textile accessories S014 heald hook_GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts_1515 lifting accessories

There are two circular holes with a diameter of 5mm on the back of the S014 lower lifting hook, which are used to connect the S014 lower lifting hook to the lifting plate 3105. Generally, wooden screws are used for installation and combination.

Textile machinery accessories_S014 Lower lifting hook_Textile hardware parts

Textile hardware components are generally bent or stamped into shape using tooling kits, and they play an important role in the structure of textile equipment, used to connect or strengthen the stability and structural stability of weaving machines. The weight of a single S014 is approximately 0.06 kilograms, with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. The products are not divided into left and right hands.

S014 Textile Hardware Accessories_75 inch shuttle loom heald hook_ 56 inch loom spare parts

Due to factors such as domestic environmental protection, some hardware accessories have not undergone galvanizing treatment on their surfaces. If textile enterprises need to purchase 1515 hanging heald hooks, GA615 heald frame accessories, 56 inch hanging heald pipes, 75 inch heald pipe accessories, and shuttle machine textile hardware accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for negotiation.

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