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415 Cyclobalanopsis Woolen Wooden Shuttle
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides 415mm long Cyclobalanopsis wooden shuttles and compressed wood spliced woolen wooden shuttles.415 Cyclobalanopsis Woolen Wooden Shuttle, The single porcelain eye design of this type of shuttles uses a black woolen core with spring plates. The length of the core is 170mm, and the angle between the side and bottom of the shuttle is 93.5 degrees. The top width is 38.5mm, and the bottom width is 37mm. There are two types of materials for the shuttle body: green oak wood (uncompressed) and compressed wood (birch wood, elm wood), and the matching woolen weaving machine is often used for weaving paper blanket varieties.

415 Qinggang wooden shuttle_blanket wooden shuttle

The two shuttles in the above picture are made of Cyclobalanopsis wood, and the two ends of the shuttles are made of small shuttle tips made of 45 # steel. The total length of the shuttle body cavity is 264mm, and the length of the shuttle core except for the rectangular head is 148mm. The width of the tube weft groove for installing the weft tube neck is 15.7mm.

Comparison of compressed wood shuttles and Cyclobalanopsis wood shuttles for textile wood products

In the above picture, the one close to the top is a splicing style (due to the insufficient length of the wooden shuttle, a serrated splicing extension is added), made of compressed wood; The shuttle below is made of Aooka wood material, and there is not much difference in the use effect between the two. Compared to compressed wood, the shuttle made of compressed wood has a more stable quality.

415 Single Porcelain Eye Shuttle Woolen Wooden Shuttle

The packaging of the Cyclobalanopsis shuttles is in cardboard boxes, with 66 pieces per box. This woolen shuttle is divided into left and right hands, and is mainly distinguished by the installation position of the porcelain eyes. If you need to purchase 415 Qinggang wooden shuttles and compressed wood spliced woolen wooden shuttles, or if you want to know other parameters of this shuttle, please contact our company's Yang Xiansheng for consultation.

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