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44 Inch Loom Clutch F00-5/F202 Textile Parts
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides 44 inch weaving machine clutch F00-5/F202 textile machine parts all year round. The code for the 1511 clutch combination part is F00-5, which is a combination of weaving machine clutch F202 and asbestos copper wire brake band F203. It belongs to shuttle textile parts and is mainly used for 44 inch door width weaving machine equipment. It is a pig iron part for sand turning and Yuan turning processing, and the F202 clutch is a commonly used part for textile machine parts, It is a key component of the weaving power output.

Textile machine accessories clutch F00-5_44 Weaving machine accessories_1511 clutch

The above picture is the front view of the loom clutch (F00-5), with the casting body being F202. It is made of HT15-32 material, with an outer diameter of 428mm, an inner hole diameter of 38mm, and a keyway width of M12. The installation position is on the bending shaft (crank shaft) of the loom.

Loom clutch F00-5_Textile clutch_Shuttle weaving machine accessories

The loom clutch relies on friction with the F00-4 V-belt pulley to drive the loom crankshaft to provide power to the entire equipment. The asbestos copper wire material selected for F203 is relatively special and has good wear resistance, which can achieve no direct friction between the clutch and the belt pulley, extending the service life of the loom starting component.

Textile accessories_Loom clutch F00-5_Domestic textile equipment accessories

The number of clutches F00-5 used in each weaving machine is 1 set, with a single set weighing between 10.65 and 12.5 kilograms (different manufacturers use different molds, mainly due to differences in the thickness of the middle reinforcing rib and main body). This component is not divided into left and right hands, and is usually paired with a hook key, which is part number E8 (the same as the pedal shaft gear E2). If you need to purchase products such as 44 clutch, 1511 loom clutch, textile accessories, loom start accessories, textile clutch accessories, etc., please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation!

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