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1511/1515 Textile machine accessories Weaving Machine Parts I2 Switch Feet is made of pig iron HT15-32. Parameters of loom switch leg: the length of the main body is 34.5 cm, the width is 32 mm, and the height is 19.9 cm. The width of the fixed surface contacting the breast beam on the side is 73.5 mm (middle position), and the length is 116 mm. The irregular hole in the middle of I2 switch leg is installed with I2 switch handle, which is the movement track of the switch handle.

I2 switch Feet_ 1515 Loom accessories_ Textile iron parts_ Loom feet

The hole near the right side of the above figure is the fixed switch link I12, which is fixed by the I18 switch link screw core. The fit clearance with the switch link is not more than 0.6mm. Weaving Machine Parts, Shuttle Loom Parts, The I2 switch leg is divided into left hand and right hand, which is designed according to the operating habits of the left and right hand handsets of the loom. 1515 and GA615 looms use most 1511 loom accessories, mainly because they are designed to widen and lengthen on the basis of 1511.

Textile machine accessories_ I2 switch leg iron casting_ Shuttle textile machine accessories_ GA615 loom accessories

The above figure shows one right mobile phone and two left mobile phones. The thickness of the cast iron on the I2 plane of the loom switch leg is 6.5 mm, and the weight of a single leg is about 3.3 kg. If there is wear at the neutral position where the I2 upper plane switch handle slides, it can be filed or repaired.

Textile accessories I2 switch leg_ Loom iron parts_ Textile parts

The connectors of I2 switch leg support of textile accessories mainly include I33 pin, I37 switch handle tension spring, I28 handle seat connector, F234 switch leg support, F233 core, etc. They are applicable to shuttle looms of different models (1511/1515/GA615/G611).

Textile machinery accessories_ I2 switch leg_ Old cloth machine accessories_ Parameters of textile accessories

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