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NanYing Brand Picker 1511 Picking Knot
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides NanYing Brand Picker 1511 Picking Knot, the rubber products for the accessories of NanYing Brand Picker 1511 shuttle loom. The model of 1511 leather knot is R00-2 and R00-3, the specification is 31 * 32 (width is 31mm, height 32mm), and the total length is 109mm; The leather knots are divided into left hand and right hand, which face the picking point. The right hand is the upper part of the leather knot which inclines to the right. On the contrary, the upper part of the left hand leather knot inclines to the left. Each loom uses one pair of leather knots, that is, one in the left hand and one in the right hand.

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1511 As an important part of the picking mechanism of the loom, the use frequency of the kinks is relatively high, so there is a higher requirement for the product quality. During normal use, the phenomena such as heating, deformation and foam shedding should be avoided. The number and design of the layers of the kinks (picking knots) are shown in the following figure:

1511 loom pickers_ Southern Eagle Picking Knot_ Textile shuttle knot_ Textile equipment leather goods

Multiple layers of canvas have been added to the rear of the shuttle picking point to reduce the damage of the shuttle tip to the leather knot body during shuttle picking. The fabric layer of the leather knot tongue (referred to as the leather tongue or inner core) is designed in a flat manner to achieve the protection of the shuttle picking plate on the leather tongue. If a side standing design is used, the leather knot may detach and lift during use.

1511 picker skin nodules_ Textile machine spare parts_ Shuttle loom parts

1511 leather knots and NanYing pickers are packed in cartons with 100 pairs each (i.e. 100 pairs on the left hand and 100 pairs on the right hand). The weight of a single 1511 leather knot is 112 grams, which is often used in 1511 44 inch loom; If textile manufacturers in various cities need to purchase textile rubber products such as 1511 loom leather knots, 1515 shuttle knots, GA615 NanYing brand leather knots, etc., and have shuttle loom accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of our company's Xinda textile accessories for consultation.

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