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Three Wheel Buffer Spring Disc F107/F108
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. has long provided Buffer Spring Disc,Shuttle Loom Parts,Textile Machine Parts, 1511 loom three wheel buffer spring disc F107/F108. Textile machine accessories - spring discs F107 and f108 constitute left and right hands, which are respectively installed at the front and bottom of the outer side of the loom wall panel. It belongs to loom buffer accessories. Its material is gray pig iron HT15-33, the surface is polished, and it is used in contact with F112 buffer belt. Each machine uses 1 pair.

F107 Buffer Spring Disc_F108 Spring disc loom accessories

As shown in the above figure: there are M8 screw holes on the side of F107 / F108 spring disc to fix F112 buffer belt. The inclined hole on the bottom is oil filling hole, the diameter of the middle inner hole is 20mm and the height is 42.5mm. It is installed and fixed on F101 buffer foot by F106 buffer core.

Loom accessories Three Wheel Buffer spring disc F107-F108

The raised cylindrical head is used to fix the F109/F110 buffer spring. The shape of the loom spring disc is oval, the range of its outer diameter is 60-66.5mm, the linear outer diameter between the screw hole and the hole center is 66.5mm, the width of the polished surface is 33mm, and the total height of the buffer spring disc is 54.3mm. F107/F108 spring disc, F104 bridge disc and F105 eccentric disc form the three wheels of the loom for buffering and are fixed on the buffer feet F101/F102.

Textile machinery parts F107 spring disc

The packaging method of F107/F108 is: 10 pieces per string, the weight of a single spring disc is about 0.31kg, and the diameter of the cylindrical head of the buffer spring is 11.2mm; Installation technical standard: the clearance between F107/F108 spring disc and core F106 shall not exceed 0.6mm, and the opening moving range shall be (7 ~ 13 ± 1) mm. During inspection, pull the shuttle plate outward to the bottom and measure with a ruler.

1515 loom spring disc f108

This loom accessory - spring disc is not only applicable to 1511, but also applicable to 1515, ga611, GA615 and other shuttle looms, with common specifications of 44 inches, 56 inches, 63 inches and 75 inches. If all weaving factories and cotton weaving factories need to purchase loom buffer accessories (spring disc F107/F108), loom accessories, textile spring disc, shuttle three wheel buffer and loom buffer, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation or negotiation!

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