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B410R Buffer 285 Leather Ring Rubber Buffer
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. has long provided 285 leather rings, loom buffer rings B410R, rubber products, and textile leather parts. The length of the inner cavity of the nitrile leather ring is generally defined as the specification, and the length of the inner cavity of the 285 leather ring is 285mm, with the model B410R (international standard). This type of loom leather ring is mainly used for wide woven looms, usually with a door width of 75 inches or more. The buffer leather ring is installed below both ends of the reed frame wood, Cooperate with the sliding box to control the protection of the leather knot when it quickly stops or resets after completing the shuttle feeding action.

ZDP285 Leather Ring Textile Rubber Products_ B410R Buffer leather ring_ Weaving machine leather parts

The above image is a side oblique view of B410R (285) leather ring, brand: ZDP. Domestic leather rings generally use medium size leather pillows (R2 and R3). According to the different size of the appearance, leather pillows are divided into three types: large, medium, and small. Specifically, the protruding parts of the leather pillows at both ends of the buffer leather ring's inner cavity, the larger the protruding positions on both sides, the larger the number.

B410R buffer ring_Loom apron 285_Textile equipment manufacturers

The packaging of textile leather goods -285 leather rings is 10 per bundle (inner four outer six), 50 per bundle, and 100 per package (woven bag). The weight of a single B410R leather ring is about 0.33KG, with an outer width of 38mm. The thickness of the middle leather ring body is 5.3mm, and the inner ring is yellow colloid. The outer ring is green rubber, and the material used for the fabric layer remains the same. It is suitable for weaving machines of 1515 or GA615 models with 75 inches or more.

Leather pillow and leather parts for textile leather loops_B410 buffer ring_285 leather rubber accessories

The above image shows the side view of the leather pillow and top view of the leather ring of the loom buffer ring B410. The overall fabric pattern is relatively clear, and this color is mainly used for the export of leather ring textile equipment. It has a bright color, good overall flexibility, and the thickness of the leather ring body meets the standard.Buffer,B410 Buffer, Leather Ring,Rubber Buffer,Textile Buffer,B410 Leather Ring.

Leather loop weaving machine accessories_285 buffer ring R001_1515 weaving machine leather loop

If domestic and foreign manufacturers need to order B410R leather rings, or other specifications of textile rubber products, weaving machine leather parts, etc., please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation. We have been engaged in this industry for more than 20 years and have abundant production resources and ideal products with stable quality. The products we release (285 loop loom buffer ring B410R rubber products and leather goods) are all physical photos.

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