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SJ-34 Tension Spring Hook SJ-P Delivery Part
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. has long supplied SJ-34 tension spring hook SJ-P-III external delivery accessories,Delivery Part,Tension Spring Hook,Shuttle Loom Part. The appearance of SJ34 is a "7" shaped hook, with an M12 thread length of 80mm and a straight length of 35mm for the front polished rod, which means the total length is 115mm. The screw is processed by twisting and connected to the SJ-33 clutch joint for use. The design (thin and thick rod) requires clear thread patterns, firm engagement of threads, and relatively uniform stress.

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SJ-34 tension spring hook is classified as a textile hardware accessory in terms of material. The main material is steel 20, and the front part is bent using tooling molds. The quantity used for each weaving machine is 1, which is suitable for the warp design of 1515 and GA615 wide width weaving machines.

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The weight of a single SJ34 (tension spring hook) is approximately 0.06 kilograms, packaged in transparent self sealing bags of 25 pieces per bag, with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces; In addition, our company also provides SJ23 buffer core, SJ28 buffer foot, SJ-31 reciprocating adjustment screw and other external delivery accessories.

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If you need a schematic diagram of the external warp delivery and a schematic diagram of the external warp delivery accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of our company to request. Customers who purchase loom tension hooks, external warp delivery devices, warp delivery accessories, GA615, and loom accessories are welcome to contact our company!

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