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Weft Winder V-belt Limit Seat (bearing seat)
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The bowl type weft winder is generally equipped with 40 spindles as the standard configuration, that is, 20 spindles on each side. The V-belt limiting seat (bearing seat) of the bowl type weft winder is mainly used to fix the motion track of the V-belt of the whole machine, and apply pressure to the supporting bowl of the weft winder to meet the power output generated by the friction of the belt to the supporting roller. The main body of the stop seat is a bearing and a flat sheave. The diameter of its outer edge is 44.3mm, the diameter of its inner side is 35mm, the overall height is 27mm, and the inner height is 19mm. The base is made of slotted angle iron.

Weft winding machine accessories Bearing limit seat_ Bearing pedestal of weft winder_ Belt limit seat

The bracket at the bottom of the bearing seat is as shown in the figure above. The inner width of the slot is 8.4mm, the length is 23mm, and the thickness is 3.2mm. Each weft winder has 20 sets, that is, each limit bearing seat corresponds to two frustum shaped cups.

Bowl type weft winder_ V-belt bearing seat_ Weft winding machine accessories

The accessory is a modified part. The overall dimensions used by each weft winder manufacturer are different, but the overall shape and principle are similar. The needle roller bearing is suitable for high-speed movement, with good wear resistance and good silence effect during operation.

Cup type weft winder accessories_ Belt limit seat_ Weft dropping machine accessories

The above figure shows the design of two different manufacturers. The needle bearing is selected on the left, and the ball bearing is selected on the right. Their installation and use are the same, and they can be borrowed from each other. When installing, just adjust the spacing of the fixed flat iron inside the weft winder.

Belt limit seat of bowl type weft winder_ Textile bearing seat_ Beating up machine accessories

The overall design of the bowl type weft winder is relatively simple. The equipment requires few vulnerable parts, such as A6045 V-belt, black plastic drum (cross ball), tension disc, yarn guide porcelain column, etc. If you need to purchase the bearing seat, limit seat, weft winder accessories, other accessories of the bowl type weft winder, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile Accessories for negotiation.

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