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Belt Pulley 1511 Loom V-belt Pulley F00-4
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. has long-term supply of textile spare parts for belt pulley 1511 weaving machine V-belt pulley F00-4. The belt pulley F00-4 of the weaving machine is composed of F201 V-belt pulley and A38 sleeve. F201 is made of pig iron material, while A38 is made of two types of materials: copper or powder metallurgy. The outer diameter of the belt pulley is 467.5mm, and the belt groove is an A-type three groove fixed at one end of the long shaft head of the weaving machine bending shaft F38, F00-4 belt pulley is suitable for 1511 textile machine equipment, Belt Pulley 1511 Loom V-belt Pulley F00-4.

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This pulley is the starting component of the loom, with grooves on the raised position facing the loom wall panel. It is used to install the F238 upper fork, F239 lower fork, and F206 starting arm; The installation sequence of the textile spare parts: first loop the V-belt pulley F00-4 onto the bent shaft, then loop the clutch F00-5 onto the bent shaft, check for flexible rotation, and attach the clutch key. The side of the clutch is roughly flush with the shaft head of the bent shaft; Assemble the starting arm F206, starting rod F210, starting connecting rod F212, and starting pressure spring F211 into a set, and then connect them with the upper and lower forks of the loop in the square groove of the triangular belt pulley.

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After the installation of the triangular belt pulley and accessories of the loom is completed, appropriate adjustments need to be made: if the axial movement of the belt pulley is not enough, the position of the starting rod in the starting link and the pressure of the starting spring can be adjusted. During driving, there should be a slight gap between the washer on the starting rod and the starting arm.Belt Pulley,V-belt Pulley,1511 Belt Pulley,Textile Machine Parts.

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The weight of a single F00-4 V-belt pulley is 14.65 kilograms, and the weight of the accompanying clutch is 10.65 kilograms, which means the weight of the entire set is 25.3 kilograms; If domestic and foreign textile production enterprises and weaving manufacturers need to purchase belts, pulleys, 1511 looms, textile spare parts, loom accessories and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for more information!

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