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S-6 Picker,Loom Rubber Canvas Shuttle Knot
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides S-6 picker loom rubber canvas shuttle knot textile r pieces,Shuttle Loom Picker. Textile S-6 leather knot is generally export-oriented. It adopts double headed inverted shuttle design, which belongs to leather products of textile equipment, regardless of left and right; Overall dimension of S-6 leather knot: the upper width is 34mm, the bottom width is 58mm, the length is 114mm, the total height is 34mm, the thickness of the bottom root is 6mm, which is in a slope outward. It is installed in the clamping slot of the loom shuttle box to ensure the horizontal movement of S-6 picker for shuttle throwing.

S-6 picker skin knot_ Textile shuttling equipment_ Textile leather goods

The above figure is the front and back view of S-6 leather knot (shuttle throwing knot). The white lining is the tongue of the leather knot. A 34 inch shuttle rod (rod and shuttle plate) is installed between the two leather tongues, and the inner distance is 45mm (upper plane). There is a clamping slot on both sides of the leather tongue to fix their position unchanged. The front of the leather tongue is an arc surface.

Export type skin knot S-6_Loom Picker_S-6 Picker Loom Rubber Canvas Shuttle Knot

On the right side of the loom is a kind of textile equipment, which is called "S-6 leather knot", and the lower side of the loom is also called "S-6 leather knot".

S-6 skin knot_ Textile machine S6 leather knot_ Textile r-piece

S-6 leather knot loom rubber canvas throw shuttle textile r pieces are packed in cartons. The quantity of each box is 100 and the weight is about 15kg. The outer box size is 46.5cm long, 26cm wide and 20cm high. The outer box size of S-5 is 37cm long, 25.2cm wide and 36.5cm high (200 pieces per box).

Textile equipment S-6 leather knot_ Loom leather

If you need to purchase or understand S-6 leather knot, S6 Picker, S-6 Picker,Loom Picker,Rubber Picker, loom leather knot, shuttle knot, textile r piece, textile leather piece and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile machinery accessories. We sincerely welcome your consultation and cooperation!

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