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56/75 Inch Power Loom Starting Arm 4102
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides the starting arm of a 56 inch/75 inch loom and the starting components of a 4102 textile machine. 56/75 Inch Power Loom Starting Arm 4102 ,The straight length (total length) of the starting arm is 346mm, the inner diameter of the front semicircle is 82mm, and the thickness of the ears on both sides is 18mm. It is used to install the upper fork F238 and the lower fork F239. The diameter of the hole for fixing the F237 fork pin is 10mm, and the diameter of the circular hole for fixing the starting rod at the tail is 14mm.

Textile machinery accessories 4102 starting arm

The above diagram is a comparison between the starting arms F206 and 4102, with the difference in their length. F206 is used for the 1511 loom and 4102 is used for the 1515 loom model. Depending on the inclination direction of the tail circular hole, they are divided into left and right hands,Power Loom Starting Arm 4102 .

Textile accessories 4102 starting arm 1515 type

The diameter of the middle circular hole is 20mm and the depth of the hole is 19mm. It is connected to the F209 starting arm and switch arm core shaft and fixed on the starting arm support feet. Each weaving machine uses one.

Textile accessories starting arm 4102 and F206

The 1515 type weaving machine generally refers to a 56 inch weaving machine and a 75 inch weaving machine, and the accessories they use are generally universal, except for horizontal pieces related to door width. If you need to purchase 56 inch/75 inch loom starting arm 4102 textile machine starting parts, starting arm, starting parts, textile parts, 56 inch loom, shuttle loom accessories and other products, please contact Mr. Yang from our company for consultation.

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