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11# Leather Knot Silk Loom Parts Cowhide
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 11# leather knot silk weaving machine accessories with cowhide shuttle knot textile R pieces year-round. Cowhide Picker,silk Loom Picker,The external dimensions of the 11 # leather knot are: total length is 78mm, outer width is 24mm, the main height of the leather knot is 24.6mm, the angle between the two sides of the 11 # leather knot and the bottom is 90 degrees, and the tongue of the leather knot is a rubber+cloth layer structure, belonging to the category of textile leather parts. The packaging of this silk weaving machine accessory product is a cardboard box, with 300 pieces per box and 50 pieces per kraft paper packaging inside.

Textile leather piece_11 small leather knot weaving machine leather piece

The above picture is a side view of the 11th skin knot; The main side of the skin knot near the shuttle point is fixed by two rivets to the skin knot tongue (referred to as Liren or Liren). The skin knot main body is compressed from multiple layers of materials. The individual weight of the 11 # skin knot is 53 grams, with a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces (1 box) and a delivery time of 5-8 days.

Textile equipment_11 leather knot cowhide product R piece

Textile cowhide products - There are various types of leather knots, such as 40 # leather knots (No.40 length 110mm, width 38mm, height 40mm), 50-1, 50-2 leather knots (bottom length 99mm, upper plane length 97.5mm, width 27.5mm, height 27mm), etc.

No.11 leather knot_cowhide shuttle knot_weaving machine material

Textile R parts refer to leather products, rubber products, and felt accessories that start with R in the parts of a shuttle weaving machine, such as R00-1 leather ring, R00-2 leather knot (left), R00-3 leather knot (right), R1 leather ring, R2 leather pillow, R3 leather pillow, R33 leather knot (left), R34 leather knot (right), R5 chrome leather (short), R8 chrome leather (long), R9 leather tongue, R10 shuttle box rear stop cloth, R11 tension fan-shaped rod leather, R12 tension brake leather, R14 push slider leather, R17 brake rod suspension hammer leather, R18 front Raised edge plate spring leather, R19 front raised edge plate leather, R20 push slider cover leather, R21 shuttle spring leather washer, R22 side plate leather, R23 lower hanging hook leather, R24 brake lever spring leather, R25 brake lever spring hook leather, R26 safety spring hook leather, R27 safety spring leather R28 shuttle box back rolling shuttle rod leather, R35 roll cloth wooden stick support rod adhesive tape, R36 lifting harness belt, R37 lifting harness shaft support foot felt, R38 warp saw gear brake disc felt, R41 yarn tail shearing hammer leather, R42 shuttle box stopper cloth, R45 weft fork rubber, R52 shuttle iron leather, R53 reed clip spring hook leather, R53K shuttle iron leather (small), R54 leather tongue (left), R55 leather tongue (right), R56 shuttle box bottom protective leather, R57 shuttle box side protective leather, etc;

No.11 leather knot_textile R piece_cowhide shuttle knot

If textile and silk manufacturers from various regions need to purchase textile leather parts, 11 # leather knot silk weaving machine accessories, cowhide shuttle knot textile R pieces, etc., please provide accurate parameters of the leather parts and confirm the model of the leather knot. For specific details, please contact Mr. Yang from our company.

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