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Multi Shuttle Loom Picker B9-1 Leather Knot
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Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides the shuttle feeding equipment of B9-1 leather knot multi shuttle loom. The color of textile picker B9-1 is white due to its production and processing of high polymer materials. Because 1515 multi shuttle loom is generally made of white plastic material, it is also called "white leather knot".Loom Picker,Leather Knot, Multi Loom Picker, The number of multi shuttle devices of loom is 1 set per loom, while the multi shuttle box is located on both sides of the loom, and the number of B9-1 leather knots used by each 4x4 loom is 2pcs.

B9-1 Picker_Loom Picker_skin knot hole spacing

The distance between the two holes (inner side) of weaving machine material B9-1 is 25mm, as shown in the figure above. The white leather knot of textile machine is also known as "horse", which is an accessory of textile nylon equipment. As the stock of multi arm and multi shuttle loom is decreasing year by year, there are fewer and fewer supply channels or manufacturers of white leather knot, and the overall market consumption is also decreasing year by year.

B9-1 multi spindle knot_loom picker_leather Knot

The inner hole of textile leather knot B9-1 is 11mm. The leather knot of multi shuttle loom is often seen in 1515 multi arm multi shuttle loom, with door widths of 56 inches, 75 inches and 63 inches. The white leather knot is fixed on two shuttle box guide rods and can move laterally left and right. The middle rectangular hole provides power output for the loom leather knot to impact the shuttle according to the upper end of the shuttle beating plate.

Textile leather white knot B9-1

As shown in the above figure, the outer distance between the two holes on the side of B9-1 white leather knot is 46.4mm, that is, the center distance is 46.4-11 = 35.4mm. The selection of multi shuttle leather knot for textile equipment is generally related to the shuttle. The size, shape and weight of the shuttle determine the design of the required leather knot. The following figure shows the physical installation of 1515 multi shuttle box B9-1:

Loom multi shuttle box device_B9-1 Picker_shuttle loom picker

If you need to buy 1511 multi shuttle leather knot, 1515 leather knot, 56 inch multi shuttle throw shuttle knot, 75 inch weaving machine material and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation. We adhere to the business philosophy of "honest management, pragmatic and enterprising", and sincerely welcome you!

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