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1511-M1 Heald Lifting Shaft Foot Textile Part
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 1511-44 shuttle loom parts all the year round, including M1 heald lifting shaft feet,1511-M1 Heald Lifting Shaft Foot Textile Parts, textile heald lifting parts, and the heald lifting parts of 1511 loom, which include a variety of pig iron parts and other equipment accessories. The heald frame itself is an auxiliary fabric opening in the weaving process of the auxiliary loom. The shape parameters of M1 heald lifting shaft feet: the total length is 17.6cm, the width of the right angle position is 52mm, and the width of the horizontal installation front end is 44mm, The width of the lower edge of the base is 48 mm; Loom heald lifting part-M1 heald lifting shaft foot, regardless of left hand and right hand, each 1511 loom uses 2 pieces, which are installed on both sides of the upper beam side of the loom.

Loom accessories M1_Lifting heald shaft base support foot_Textile heald hanger

The foot of 1511-M1 heald shaft is installed upside down on the beam of the loom. The inner length of the closed chute is 118 mm and the inner width is 12.5mm. This chute is used to install M3xM5 or M3xM6 on the heald shaft, which is fixed by M12x45mm half round head square neck bolts (carriage wire).

Textile machine accessories_M1 textile sling accessories_1511 shuttle loom parts

The slotting size of the heald shaft foot M1 is: length 54mm, inner width 13mm, the total length of this plane is 91mm, and the raised height of the base is 13-14mm, which is fixed to the upper crossbeam by M12x50mm carriage screws.

Textile accessories_ Lifting heald shaft base support foot_ M1 loom lifting harness accessories

The weight of a single 1511-M1 heald shaft base is about 1.1kg, with 5 in each string; When installing the base, it is necessary to check the level of the two upper planes of the same machine, otherwise it will affect the lifting of the heald frame. According to the difference of heald frame materials and weaving varieties, the heald frame accessories of the loom can be divided into flat tube (A3), aluminum alloy, wood heald frame, twill heald frame, dobby heald frame, cotton heald frame, corduroy heald frame, spring lifting heald frame, etc.

1511 loom heald lifting shaft foot support fitting M1

If cotton mills, textile cloth processing workshops, small textile mills need to purchase 1511-44 loom accessories, M1 lifting heald shaft feet, textile lifting heald parts, shuttle loom accessories, 1511 lifting heald shaft, 44 inch textile heald frame, single beam lifting heald accessories and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company!

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