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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 1511 textile machine accessories, Loom scoring bar O34 | textile accessories processing | loom hardware, 44 inch Loom scoring bar O34. The overall dimensions are: 1160mm in total length, 21mm in width, and 7mm in thickness. There is an M8 screw fixing hole at both ends and in the middle of the scoring bar; The notch bar is made of steel 20, with notch grooves on its surface, which is installed on the stop frames O1 and O2 of the 1511 Loom. The surface of the notch bar is galvanized.

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The notch groove on the notch bar O34 is used to ensure the balance of the side standing of the Loom's warp stop piece. When the yarn in the middle hole of the warp stop piece breaks, the warp stop piece will fall freely and vertically, and the swing bar and the notch bar will trigger the shutdown.

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The straight-line distance from the lower edge of the scoring rod O34 to the upper plane of the swinging rod O00-1 is 1.6mm. Please follow this for installation inspection. The scoring bar is the main part of the Loom's warp breaking stop. The warp breaking mechanism is mechanically designed and has the characteristics of sensitive response, reducing cloth surface defects, and improving the quality of cloth production.

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Textile accessories, scoring rods, scoring flat iron, hardware accessories, textile machine accessories; The length of the scoring rod varies depending on the door width of the machine. The 1511 model corresponds to part number O34, while the 1515 and GA615 correspond to part number 3601. The length of the scoring rod with a door width of 56 inches is 1466mm, the length of the 63 inch scoring rod is 1641mm, and the length of the 75 inch scoring rod is 1946mm.

Textile machine accessories 1511 scoring rod assembly_Textile scoring rod_Stop frame accessories

If textile enterprises need to purchase Loom scoring bars O34 | textile accessories processing | loom hardware and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation. The minimum order quantity of scoring bars is 10 pcs, and the delivery period is about 5-8 days.

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