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1515 Picker Multi Shuttle Loom Nylon Picker
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Huixian Xinda Textile accessories has long provided 1515 picker multi shuttle nylon picker,1515 loom leather knot (picking knot, code), textile code, multi shuttle picker, 1515 picking knot and various plastic textile equipment products. Series B textile picker is the picking knot used by multi arm multi shuttle loom. They are produced and processed with nylon polymer materials. The overall dimensions of B9-3 plastic leather knot are: length 103mm, width 86mm, and the thickness of the picking part is 24.5mm, The thickness of the guide rod hole of the loom code is 24mm, and the inner dimension of the shuttle chute is 48mm long and 14.7mm wide.

B9-3 leather knot multi shuttle loom accessories_ 1515 skin knot_ GA615 textile multi shuttle accessories

The diameter of the two guide rod holes of the B9-3 multi shuttle fitting is 11mm, and the center distance between the two holes is 38.5mm. The white leather knot has four holes as a whole, and nylon sleeves are embedded inside the holes to enhance its wear resistance. The thickness of the connecting part of the middle depression is 12mm, which is to impact the shuttle by sliding on the guide rod to complete the picking operation.

Textile plastic accessories_ Multi shuttle white skin knot B9-3_ Textile code sub equipment

The multi shuttle leather knot 1515 loom Nylon pickers (picking knots and yards) are not divided into left-hand and right-hand ones. Their packaging method is 10 pieces per bundle. The number of shuttles used for each multi shuttle loom is 1 or 2. This is determined according to the number of shuttles used for the multi shuttle device. 1 for the less than 4 shuttles, 2 for the more than 4 shuttles and 2 for the less than 7 shuttles.

B9-3 multi shuttle knot_ Weaving machine picking_ Multi shuttle loom code

Multi shuttle devices are commonly used on looms of models 1515 and GA615 (1x4 multi shuttle looms and 4x4 multi shuttle looms). They are mainly used to weave fabrics made of weft yarns of various colors. They are commonly used on ethnic fabric machinery such as plaid cloth, scarf, PU, Mu Zi cloth, etc. the device principle used for weft fabrics of different materials is the same. Some fabrics need to be properly modified and upgraded.

GA615 multi shuttle loom accessories_ Textile machine leather knot_ B9-3 multi shuttle knot

Leather knot, also known as picking knot or code, is the general name of the impact shuttle parts in the picking structure of the loom. Since the B-series leather knot is white, it can be referred to as "white leather knot" for short. The weight of a single B9-3 multi shuttle leather knot is about 0.13 kg. Packaging: woven bags, 300 pieces per bag; If domestic and foreign textile manufacturers and weaving enterprises need to purchase multi shuttle leather knot 1515 loom nylon picker (picking knot, code) products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for negotiation.

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