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Yarding Machine Parts 19T Straight Gear
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides some yarding machine parts, Handan yarding machine gears, Nantong yarding machine parts, fan gear 19 teeth spur gears and other products all year round. We have been engaged in the textile industry since 1999 and have rich sales experience and broad sales channels. The 19 tooth spur gear is manufactured using a milling process and is a part of the fabric coding machine. It is made of 45 # steel, with a diameter of 63.4mm for the upper circular table, a height of 28mm for the circular table, a diameter of 35mm for the middle inner hole, a width of 10mm for the keyway, and a depth of 4mm. The total diameter of the teeth of the spur gear is 84mm, and the total height is 80mm.

Textile machinery accessories_Cloth coding machine gear accessories_Spur and sector gears

The above picture is a side view of the gear (19T) of the fabric coding machine. There is an M8 set screw hole above the keyway, and the modulus of the straight gear is 4, that is, (19+2) X4=84mm, and the outer diameter of the teeth is 84mm. The production areas of fabric coding machines are generally divided into Handan, Hebei and Nantong, Jiangsu. Their design principles are the same, and there are certain differences in the components of some components.

Cloth coding machine accessories 19 tooth wheels_Textile Spare Parts_Textile machinery accessories

The gear of the 19 tooth yarding machine is installed on the side of the equipment, belonging to the stroke transmission component of the yarding machine, yarding machine accessories, yarding machine gears, spur gears, Handan yarding machine, fan gears. The number of gears used for each yarding machine is 1. The yarding machine is an auxiliary equipment in textile machinery, often paired with the weaving machine to form a complete weaving process.

Handan yarding machine parts_19 teeth code cloth machine gear_Nantong Code Cloth Machine Accessories

Nantong yardstick machine accessories, Handan yardstick machine gear - fan gear 19 teeth spur gear, are vulnerable parts of the yardstick machine. The weight of a single 19 teeth yardstick machine gear is 1.85 kilograms, and the packaging method is self sealing bags, with 1 bag per bag and a minimum order quantity of 1. Delivery time: Normally, it is shipped within 5-8 days after receiving payment.

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