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3300-2 Loom Buffer GA615 Leather Ring
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides shuttle textile equipment 3300-2 loom buffer GA615 leather ring. As the leather ring used in 1515 loom, its part number is 3300-2, while the buffer ring used in GA615 loom uses part number B404;Loom Buffer,Leather Ring,Textile Buffer, We often say that the specifications 262, 275, 280, 285 and 298 of the loom buffer refer to the length of the inner cavity of the leather ring. The width of the leather ring body is 38mm, the middle thickness is 5.3mm, the inner layer is yellow rubber, the inner and outer surfaces are wrapped with a layer of green rubber, and medium-sized leather pillows are installed at both ends. The total length of 3300-2 275 leather ring is 302.4mm.

Textile R-piece_ Textile leather cushion ring_ Loom apron

According to the width of 1515/ga615 loom, buffer rings (leather rings) with corresponding length need to be used. Standard 275 or 277 leather rings are suitable for 56 inch and 75 inch looms, 280 and 285 buffer rings are suitable for 100 inch or 230cm looms, and 298 leather rings are used for 110 inch (280cm) shuttle looms. It can be seen that the inner cavity length of textile leather rings increases with the increase of the door width of the machine.

Textile equipment_ 1515 leather ring equipment_ Loom leather knot leather ring

The figure above shows the details of the leather pillow of the leather ring. The medium-sized leather pillow is adopted, and the inner side is protected by an arc shape to prevent the leather pillow from deviating left and right on the leather ring body during the shuttle throwing process of the loom. There are clamping slots on the outer sides of both ends of the leather ring body, which tightly clamp the back of the leather pillow. The height of the leather pillow is 68mm, the width of the back is 20mm, and the thickness of the middle bulge position (shuttle point) is 28mm. The main brands of GA615 buffer ring are hupai, ZDP, Guanghua, etc.

Textile machinery accessories_ GA615 leather ring B411_ Textile equipment 3300-2

The packaging of 3300-2 buffer of textile equipment is woven bags, with 2 bundles per bag and 50 pieces per bundle, that is, 100 pieces per bag. The quality of the leather ring mainly depends on the rubber material, the inner cloth and the mold design. These three important factors are the key to the production of the loom leather ring. During the use of the loom buffer with poor material, the friction surface will become black and slag, and the inner cloth will break, which will affect the service life of the loom leather ring. The quality of the mold design will affect whether the leather ring and the sliding box are effectively combined, and whether the force is even in the process of picking.

Textile rubber products_ Loom equipment_ Loom leather band B411 leather goods

For textile production enterprises, textile factories and cotton companies that need to purchase shuttle textile equipment, 3300-2 leather rings, Loom Buffer,Leather Ring,Textile Buffer,loom leather rings, buffer rings and other textile leather products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for consultation!

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