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P32 Picker No32 Shuttle Throwing Equipment
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Huixian Xinda Textile machinery accessories provides P32 leather knot and export-oriented No32 shuttle knot throwing equipment for old looms. P32 Picker,Loom Picker,No32 Picker,Throwing Equipment, The types of leather knots of export-oriented looms are diverse. The leather knot of No32 loom is P32 shuttle knot, and the overall dimensions are: length 110mm, width 32mm and height 34mm; The two sides of the P32 leather knot are at right angles (90 °) to the bottom of the leather knot body, and the angle of the shuttle box of the old loom is different from that of the conventional loom.

P32 leather knot loom_P32 Picker_Shuttle Loom Picker

Leather knot belongs to textile leather products in the category of textile equipment. It is made of rubber canvas stacked and bonded. The tongue of leather knot (hereinafter referred to as "leather tongue") is made of high molecular nylon material. As shown in the above figure, the model and brand of leather knot are marked on the section, and TN in the lower right corner is the abbreviation of loom leather knot brand - Tiannuo Tiger.

P32 Shuttle Loom Picker_Textile Equipment_P32 Picker

Due to the backwardness of Southeast Asia, there are certain requirements for product prices. In order to reduce production costs and meet their market needs, we have adjusted the P32 picker materials and shape (see the above figure). The packaging method is carton, 200 pieces per box.

P32 Picker No32 Textile Machine Picker

It can be seen from the above figure that the brand of No32 leather knot has been changed to "tiger" (we call it "tiannuo tiger brand"), and the color is also changed to light yellow while increasing the cloth layer of leather knot. Shuttle looms are divided into various models according to their origin. Different shuttle boxes are designed to meet the characteristics of different fabrics.

P32 picker For Shuttle Loom

If textile trading companies or foreign customers need to purchase P32 picker, leather knot, No32 leather picker, P32 loom picker, throwing shuttle knot, weaving machine material and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile machinery accessories company for consultation!

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