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1511 Weaving Machine Part Guide Roller L43
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Huixian Xinda Textile machinery accessories provides old-fashioned weaving machine accessories, cloth guide roller and L43 textile machine parts. The length of the cloth guide roller used by 1511 44 inch weaving machine is 1114mm. The 44 inch loom is also known as 105cm loom. The main diameter of the cloth guide roller of L43 loom is 25mm and the length is 1070mm; The diameter of roller heads at both ends of textile machine parts (guide roller) is 18mm, and the length of one side is 22mm. The material of old-fashioned weaving machine parts - guide roller L43 is steel 20, and one is used for each loom.

Textile machine accessories L43 cloth guide roller

When the cloth guide roller L43 is installed on the loom, both ends are roughly horizontal, and the high and low positions are 14mm away from the surface of the pricking roller L23. After installation, the textile machine parts - cloth guide roller can rotate flexibly, and the left and right lateral movement shall not exceed 0.8mm.

Weaving machine accessories L43 guide roller

The length of L43 used in the old loom with 100 cm door width is 1019 mm (main body length); The main body length of the 110cm loom is 1121mm (excluding the roller heads at both ends); The length of 120cm loom is 1222mm (middle diameter 25mm, shaft length); 125 cm looms use cloth guide rollers with a total length of 1317 mm

Textile accessories cloth guide roller L43

If you need to purchase textile guide roller, weaving machine accessories, loom guide roller and other accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of our company. The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, the delivery time is 7-10 days, and the distribution method is logistics or express delivery.

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