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Diagonal Accessory S49 Treadle Lever Hook
Diagonal Accessory S49 Treadle Lever Hook time:2024-04-04 18:25:20 click:2303 keywords:Hook,Treadle lever,Diagonal accessory,S49

Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. provides 1/2 diagonal fittings for the 1511 type lower hanging heald hook S49 tread heald rod hook. The thread of the screw of the hanging heald hook S49 Treadle Lever hook is M10, the total length is 227mm, the material is steel 20, the color is black, and it is connected to the hanging heald flower basket M42 of the 1511 weaving machine. The number of uses for each weaving machine is 3. Old Cloth Machine Accessories -1511 Treadle Lever Hook, 44 Diagonal Accessories, 1/2 Tread Heel Rod, S49 Hook adopts a three leaf Heel Frame Design, with the front hook position of the Tread Heel Rod tilted upwards.

1511 Shuttle Loom accessory S49 lifting hook

The thread at the front of S49 is chamfered, the same as 1511-M41. The main function of the lifting hook is to assist the handle rod and the tread plate in pulling the handle frame up and down for repeated staggered movements, thereby achieving the tension and locking of the shed and the weft yarn of the finished fabric.

Textile accessory S49 lifting hook

The minimum order quantity for S49 treadle pole hooks is 10 pieces, packaged in woven bags, with 200 pieces per bag; The length from the cross-section of the bent hook to the upper part is 27mm, and the length of the lead screw and straight shank is 155mm.

Textile machine accessories lifting hook S49

There are various types of lifting hooks for weaving machines, involving various devices such as plain weave, twill weave, multi arm and multi shuttle, and fuzzing parts. If customers need to purchase 1/2 twill accessory 1511 type lower lifting hook S49 tread handle hook, please contact Mr. Yang from our company for consultation.

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