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1511 Sling Belt Textile Sling Generation R36
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 1511 lifting heald. The lifting heald of textile machinery replaces the wear-resistant sheet baseband R36.1511 Sling Belt Textile Sling Generation R36, The front is green and the back is yellow. The lifting heald R36 is mainly used for the lifting heald device of shuttle loom. It is connected with M2 lifting heald roller. The width of the sheet base belt R36 is 25mm and the thickness is 3mm. It is a textile belt composed of three layers of gluing. The number of it used on plain loom is 4 Pcs, Other looms are calculated according to 2 heald frames for each piece.

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The physical drawing of 1511-R36 lifting harness is as above. The length of each reel is 25m. A single reel is wound by the whole one, and its weight is about 1.9-2kg. The middle layer of the baseband is the base layer, which is composed of fiber cloth layer and rubber layer. According to the characteristics of the material, it is suitable for high-speed and wear-resistant conveyor belt and flat belt.

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R36 lifting heald belt, also known as "lifting heald generation", is mainly used for lifting heald up and down, with high stress strength. High support fabric has strict requirements for lifting heald parts, and the flatness of fabric surface is the key to its quality. 1511 loom refers to the loom with single beam. 44, 56, 42 ", 52" and 54 "of single beam belong to 1511 loom, which is suitable for the use of 25 mm wide sling.

1511 loom accessories sling R36_shuttle loom parts

The 1511 lifting heald belt, 44 lifting heald generation and 25mm textile belt of this sheet based material have the characteristics of small ductility, oil resistance, wear resistance and long service life. If you purchase textile machine lifting heald belt products, please contact Mr. Yang of our company.

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