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Picker 1515 Leather Knot NanYing 31*34
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Huixian city Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides shuttle loom textile leather, Picker 1515 Leather Knot NanYing 31*34,1515 leather knot, Nanying leather knot (picking knot), the specification is 31*34mm (the outer width of leather knot is 31mm and the height is 34mm), and the total height is 49mm (the tongue of leather knot is 15mm higher than that of leather knot). The tongue of leather knot 1515 is the same as that of leather knot 1511, so the tongue of leather knot protrudes.

Textile Rubber Accessories_Textile Leather Picker_Loom Knot R00-2

As shown in the above figure, the inner width of the hitting chute of 1515 skin knot is 10.6mm, the length of the upper opening is 53mm, and the skin knot tongue (skin tongue, Liren R54) is not divided into left and right sides, and the skin knot is identified according to the direction of the 86.5-degree inclined surface.

Textile equipment_1515 leather knot_56 inch leather knot _75 picking knot

Loom nep belongs to the category of textile leather, which is a kind of textile rubber products. The nep is composed of polyester canvas layer, rubber and rivets. Single-head nep is often used on domestic plain or twill looms.

Textile equipment R00-2 skin knot_Textile machinery accessories_Nanying skin knot

Loom knots of R00-2 and R00-3 are packed in cardboard boxes with 200 pieces per box (100 left-handed and 100 right-handed). The weight of a single knot of 1515 is 119 grams. The front of the textile rubber product-Nanying knot has a reinforced cushion, which can prolong the service life of the picking knot.

Nanying Picker_1515 Leather Knot Equipment_31*34 Loom Picker_Textile Machine Rubber Accessories

If new and old customers at home and abroad need to purchase 1515 leather knots, textile leather goods, Nanying leather knots, picking knots and weaving machine leather knots, please contact Mr. Yang of our company for details. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad!

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