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Pull Plate Textile Nylon Multi Loom Picker
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. is referred to as "Xinda Textile accessories". Pull Plate Textile Nylon Multi Loom Picker, Our company provides all kinds of shuttle spinning nylon accessories all year round. The multi loom picker is moved by pulling the multi shuttle leather knot and has an arc-shaped shape, so it is referred to as "pulling plate". The straight-line length of the multi shuttle leather knot spoon is 100.5mm, the front width is 4cm, the thickness is 13mm, the round hole is embedded with a bushing, and the inner diameter is 12.3mm; The width and thickness of the tail fixed strap are 32mm and 7.5mm respectively, and the inner diameter of the circular hole is 8.2mm.

Multi shuttle loom leather knot

The black position in the figure above is the nylon sleeve embedded in the pull plate. The pull plate for spinning multi loom picker is made by injection molding. Each loom uses one (4x1 multi shuttle box) or two (4x4 multi shuttle devices), which are applied to the multi shuttle looms of models 1511, 1515, G611, GA615, 1515k, etc.

Textile multi shuttle accessories (loom picker use pull plate)

The above figure is the side view and top view of the pull plate of b9-3 multi shuttle leather knot. The center distance between the two front circular holes is 64mm, and the center distance between the back is 67mm. There are various types of nylon accessories, textile plastic accessories and shuttle loom accessories. The arc angle of the pull plate is designed according to the included angle between the leather knot and the switch base.

Textile nylon accessories multi shuttle machine accessories white pull plate

Nylon accessories for textile machines and plastic accessories for weaving machines - 1515 pull plates are packed in woven bags, 500 in each bag, and the weight of a single pull plate is about 0.027 kg. Common textile nylon materials are generally reinforced MC, PVC, industrial polypropylene, nylon 1010, polyurethane, PA66, etc. the selection of different materials is based on the use environment and requirements of the products.

Multi shuttle loom accessories

If you need to purchase textile pull plate, 1511 multi shuttle leather knot, GA615 nylon accessories, 1515 white spoon and other accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile accessories for consultation.

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