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6# Picker Loom Cowhide Picking Knot
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 6# Picker Loom Cowhide Picking Knot, 6# leather knot weaving machine, cowhide shuttle knot textile leather piece equipment, No.6 Loom Picker. The overall dimensions of No.6 leather knot of cowhide products are: total length 109mm, outer width 32.4mm, height of leather knot body 37mm, height of leather knot tongue (hereinafter referred to as leather tongue) 53mm and thickness 9.6mm; 6# the inner width of the bar beating chute of the leather knot is 10mm and the inner length is 59mm. The leather knot is divided into left mobile phone and right mobile phone. The angle between the side and the bottom is 86.5°.

Cowhide textile products 6# picker_Cowhide Picker

There are two M5 * 31mm rivets on the side of No.6 Picker to rivet the leather knot body and leather tongue. Reverse riveting is adopted to reduce the vibration of leather knot and prevent the leather knot tongue from falling off during the working process. The weight of a single No.6 cowhide knot (6# shuttle knot) is about 0.13 kg.

Textile equipment_ No6 cowhide knot products

The leather knot made of cowhide was widely used in the 1980s and 1990s and belongs to the textile leather products under the category of textile equipment. At present, the cowhide knot on the market is composed of pig skin, cowhide and rubber canvas (leather tongue). The advantages of cowhide shuttle knot are good elasticity, low noise and higher efficiency.

Aircraft brand picker_textile leather knot 6# textile cowhide products

The height of the leather knot is designed according to the size (length) of the loom shuttle. Because the large shuttle is heavy and needs a large throwing force when throwing the shuttle, 6# Picker Loom Cowhide Picking Knot, it needs to use a large leather knot to throw the shuttle, which can ensure the throwing efficiency and the service life of the leather knot.

No.6 cowhide knot_textile cowhide shuttle knot

No6 leather knot is also known as "shuttle throwing knot" and "leather picker". The diameter of its shuttle throwing point (groove) is 16mm and the depth is 10.5mm. It fits closely with the shuttle tip of the loom shuttle. If you need to purchase and understand 6# Loom picker, No6 cowhide picker, No.6 shuttle throwing knot, textile leather goods, loom leather knot and other products, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile machinery accessories for consultation!

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