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Stud For Front Snap Guard K41 Eccentric
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Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides 1511 textile machine accessories - loom Front Snap Guard screw core K41 eccentric screw accessories, which are connected with loom front brake rail K13, front brake rail outer support foot K61 and shuttle box cover plate support foot K201. Stud For Front Snap Guard,Eccentric Screw,The total length of eccentric screw pin K41 is 64.5mm, the rear outer diameter is 16mm, and the smooth length is 35mm. The thickness of square head of loom accessories - front brake rail screw is 1cm, and the plane length is 7mm, The front screw is M10, with a length of 2 cm, and is installed on both sides of the front brake rail of the loom.

3309 Stud For Front Snap Guard

The screw core K41 of the front brake rail of the loom is processed with cold drawn A3 material. The number of screw cores used in each loom is 2. The wear of the eccentric screw core k41 should not exceed 0.4 mm, and new accessories should be replaced when it exceeds.

Textile hardware fittings 3309 front brake rail core

After preliminarily determining the height, front and rear position, angle and traverse distance of the front brake rail, tighten the nuts of the inner and outer bolt cores K41 of the front brake rail, and then slightly loosen the nuts of the inner and outer brackets in front of the reed to make them in a natural state, and then tighten the nuts of the outer bracket. If the front brake rail does not rotate flexibly, loosen the nut of the outer bracket, hold the wrench in one hand to make the bracket slightly deflected left and right, and turn the front brake rail with the other hand to detect its flexibility. After the rotation is flexible, correct the inner bracket in the same way.

Textile accessories loom front brake rail screw core 3309

During the above-mentioned calibration and installation, sometimes the front brake rail cannot rotate flexibly due to the forward and backward deflection of the bolt core K41 of the front brake rail. It is necessary to turn the eccentric bolt core 180 ° before calibration and installation. K41 front brake rail screw cores are packed in 50 pieces / bag, and the weight of a single k41 is about 0.05kg.

1515 loom accessories front brake rail core 3309

Buy loom front brake rail accessories, textile eccentric screw core, shuttle loom screws, K41 eccentric screw accessories, please contact Mr. Yang of Xinda Textile accessories for details! 1511 front brake rail and 1511 eccentric bolt are commonly used vulnerable accessories at the shed side of loom.

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