Spare Parts And Product Pictures Of Looms

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  The following is part of the weaving machine accessories and equipment product pictures,loom parts|leather leather ring|picking knot| nylon/wood shuttle loom|textile accessories |44/56/75 inch|multi arm tapware| multi loom loom weaving machine parts|GA615|1511/1515|textile machinery and textile equipment, not for reference! Theft!

Loom accessories nylon shuttle and wooden shuttle

  shuttle and plastic of pirn

Skin knot tongue shuttle knot fittings

Nylon crust knot (ultra high molecular skin tongue)

Skin knot tongue

 Yongkang brand 1515 leather knot (throwing shuttle knot) 30*34

Textile Wood Parts and Accessories

  Shuttle loom Picking Stick Q13、Q14

Loom B20 gear fittings

  B20 loom pass saw gear

Weaving machine accessory B5 let-off worm wheel

  Warp worm of B5 loom

Loom accessory K24 reed pin support

  K24 reed clamp shaft hook pin

Loom accessories K26

  K26RL loom parts

Semi-circular nylon bearing

  3442/3443 nylon semicircle bearing

Shuttle box baffle for textile accessories

 3305 weaving machine shuttle box front protection board (baffle)

Switch connecting rod of I12 loom

  Weaving machine, I12 switch, connecting rod

Loom Bending Slider Rotor Rod

  K10RL loom bending slider rotor rod

Loom L30 footrest fittings

  The loom rolls the core gear and hangs the foot L30R/L

R-knot of textile equipment

  Jinxiang Picker

Wood shuttle for weft tube

  The wooden shuttle of looms

Nylon shuttle

nylon shuttle of looms

Nylon Rotor

  A5 nylon rotor

Textile yarn shears

  Textile yarn scissors

Loom Spring O42

  The stopping device O42 is broken through the fork rod and the tension spring

M17 Loom Accessories

  Loom accessories M17

Weaving Machine M7 Accessories

  M7RL loom parts

P32 Skin Knot and Shuttle Knot

  Square leather knot for exit,P32 loom picker


  Stainless steel clamp (cloth mending tweezers)

Loom heald frame nylon heald card

 Nylon heald clamp

Q7 shuttle box tongue fittings

  Loom, wooden piece, Q7, raised back, tongue

Wooden Plug Bearing Fittings for Loom

  Q20/Q21 Wood bearing

Textile cattle hide picking knot R

  Cow picker

Loom C9 Lifting Hanger

  3413 (C9RL) sector brake lever

Parts of yard cloth machine

  Shaping cam of cloth distributing machine

Skin knot tongue shuttle knot fittings

  Nylon tongue (ultra high polymer skin tongue R54)

L7 Coiling gear of loom

  L7 take-up gear

Textile hook screw fittings

  L28 Hook screw

Porcelain boat

  Porcelain boat

Shuttle Porcelain Eye

  The porcelain eye

Leather tongue R54

  New polymer modified crust, tongue R54

P101 Picker tongue R54

  Crust, tongue, R54 (skin knot)

Shrimp screw

 Right angle shrimp enamel screw (big)

Axis spinosa L55

  Textile wood barbed shafts and L54 spindles

White shrimp screw

  Shrimp screw (wood screw type)

Small hole tension disc

  Porcelain boat with expanding force disk (gasket)

Double-row mini-clip for loom

 Nylon double row heald card

L62 Head screw

L62 Hook screw

Side drawing of double gear of warping machine


Double gear

 Cotton fabric leather knot


loom picker

  Picker and Buffer


textile equipment

  Common wood shuttle


235 pirn

  235mm pirn


Dobby Lattice Machine

  Multi shuttle loom

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