Analysis of Multi Shuttle Device of Soviet Style Loom (Figure)

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Domestic multi shuttle devices are mainly Hebei multi shuttle devices, Shandong multi shuttle components, and Jiangsu multi shuttle devices. Jiangsu multi shuttle devices are designed to match the prosperity of its local silk weaving industry. We analyze and explain the pictures of the Soviet style Loom multi shuttle devices to intuitively understand the characteristics of the Soviet style multi shuttle Loom.

Shuttle box device of multi shuttle Loom

The side view of the Soviet style multi shuttle device 4X4 adopts two integral wall panels as the main frame, which enhances stability. The outer layout of the crankshaft is simple and reasonable, making it easy to install and maintain.

Soviet style 4X4 multi shuttle Loom

The front view of the multi shuttle device of the Soviet style Loom shows that buffer rings (winding type, with fixed base) are installed on both sides of the movement range of the picking board. The shuttle lift lever controls the shuttle in the multi shuttle box to rise and fall in an orderly manner. The layout is simple, and the process of picking and changing is relatively stable.

Picking device of 1515 multi shuttle Loom

The picking board foot cap of the Soviet style Loom has an increased tilt angle, which is related to the longer shuttle they use. The shuttle of the silk loom is longer than that of the cotton loom, but it has small width, low height, and long shuttle body. The silk shuttle is designed to reduce the throwing force as required due to its light weight. Therefore, the overall shuttle component of the multi shuttle device is relatively simple to use.

Soviet style multi shuttle Loom

According to the footing of the Soviet style multi shuttle wallboard, we can see the difference between the suspension design of the Soviet style multi shuttle wallboard and that of Shandong multi shuttle wallboard. We analyze that the rotating speed of the Loom is 180-200 revolutions per minute. The wallboard with four footing can stabilize the operation and power transmission of two shafts (central shaft and bending shaft), with obvious advantages.

Multi shuttle device of Soviet style Loom

The outside let off of the Soviet style Loom is installed on the inside of the multi shuttle device, which does not violate the sense of harmony. On the contrary, the overall design and installation layout is quite reasonable, which effectively saves the Soviet style Loom's floor space, body vibration and other problems.

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